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Oracle ® Golden Gate TDM (Transactional Data Management)

Oracle GoldenGate Software, leveraging its Transactional Data Management (TDM) software platform, delivers excellent solutions that improve availability and recovery times for our customers' more critical data systems.

While Oracle GoldenGate TDM can provide a Disaster Recovery and data backup solution, it is optimized to enable complete High Availability solutions that eliminate unplanned AND planned outages (such as application, database, and platform migrations and upgrades) as well as address scalability-related performance problems for production systems.

In addition, the TDM technology enables real-time data integration between disparate source systems and allows users to access to real-time information from your mission-critical systems. Thus, the TDM technology not only enables continuous operations for mission-critical systems, it also brings real-time business intelligence to your enterprise.

Oracle GoldenGate TDM solutions are used by Fortune 500 and other large enterprises in more than 1,500 implementations in 35 countries. Applications include support for projects in high availability and disaster recovery, real time data integration, high-performance distributed computing, and compliance.


SmartX-Trac is one of best-of-breed product developed by Abhimata Persada, it is a tool used to extract data from Tandem's transaction log files and replicate to open database such as Oracle, SQL Server & mySQL. The main function of SmartX-Trac is extract the TLF and PTLF data/records in near real time mode and transformed the records into readable data.

The replicated data structure is identical with the source data, including fields and tokens, SmartX-Trac assure you that the extracted and replicated data will not changed. 

SmartX-Trac split data into separated fields and tokens, transform it into more organized form than the raw data itself. The extracted data can be used for reporting needs, decision support needs, or even auditing needs. The data after been extracted, it will immediately replicated into the database server, the replication speed and delay time is parameterized which means it can be set easily by the user. Not just the speed and delay time is parameterized, SmartX-Trac can accommodate changes in file's structure & source with parameter setting too, it's no need to be hardcoded.

The benefits of SmartX-Trac are :

  • Distributes easily your valuable Tandem data
  • SmartX-Trac accommodate robust & flexible architecture
  • Low impact on your existing systems
  • Low resources cost