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ACI Proactive Risk Manager™

ACI Proactive Risk Manager for Enterprise Risk is a cross-channel payment fraud management solution designed to manage risk across a financial institution’s business lines and customer accounts. Proactive Risk Manager leverages the latest in fraud detection techniques including analytics and expertly defined rules with a variety of scoring methods for fast, accurate and flexible response to the evolving and growing nature of fraud.

Through its custom neural network technology, Proactive Risk Manager compares the characteristics of each customer's activity with the custom fraud model and recorded patterns of behavior for every account holder it sees. It then assesses and scores the risk in near-real or real time for each transaction using a variety of advanced algorithms, parameters, and accumulated statistics. In addition, Proactive Risk Manager provides reviewers with precise reasons for the score, improving transaction analysis.

Proactive Risk Manager provides comprehensive Microsoft Windows-based workflow management capabilities to fraud management, with expert rules-based strategies at the core of this process. This component builds on the fraud expertise of the staff by allowing the creation of real-time rules. Transaction activity matching a rule generates alerts, which are delivered to reviewers via a user-friendly Java client interface. A comprehensive set of tools enables supervisors to direct workflow and manage reviewers. Proactive Risk Manager captures and maitains statistics on fraud savings and losses and reviewer and model performance to provide valuable management information.