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A modern accounting generator enables transaction oriented accounting entries to be posted in parallel and in accordance with any accounting standards. FlexFinance is the only solution today with a parallel, double-entry, business-event-driven financial accounting system.

The Accounting Generator handles multi-GAAP, multi-company and multi-currency requirements through multiple general ledgers. FlexFinance makes it easy for banks to manage parallel financial statements with different charts of accounts which can be created in various currencies for any desired number of business units preparing the balance sheet. All valuation elements are separately valued and posted. FlexFinance minimises the cost and effort involved in fulfilling national and international accounting standards in parallel.

Minimal effort is required for adding further GAAPs.

- PSAK (Pernyataan Standar Akuntansi Keuangan)
The SmartFAIR solution from PT Abhimata Persada offers the most reliable and robust automated process for PSAK compliance and covers the complete process chain of PSAK accounting, thereby reducing the processing times for all banking products.

The SmartFAIR software embodies pre-processing with all the features that are essential for precise valuation and the generation of accounting events including powerful cash flow generation, parallel GAAP capability, securities position building and product building/splitting. This pre-processing forms the foundation for PSAK-compliant accounting entries and regulatory reporting, while taking specific requirements such as hedge accounting and impairment into account.

- Profitability
SmartFAIR Profitability is a comprehensive solution offering one-stop overall planning and profitability analysis within financial institutions. It's functions for sales profitability, cost accounting, unit cost accounting, budgeting and planning, pricing and reporting facilitate equity management from the point of view of risks and yields. The performance data required are determined and published for all management levels in the dimensions customer, product, organization etc.