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IT Monitoring Systems 

Integrated Research (IR)'s product range consists of the PROGNOSIS suite, which provides integrated systems and application management capability from monitoring IT Infrastructure , ATM & POS networks (ACI BASE24, S1 Postilion and EFD Connex), IP Telephony & VoIP, and Web Application.

PROGNOSIS for ACI BASE24/BASE24eps - Postilion - Connex 

You need solutions to proactively monitor, measure and troubleshoot your critical components to achieve optimal performance and availability in your ACI BASE24, EFD Connex or S1 Postilion environment. PROGNOSIS for ATM / POS offers you extensive business and operational-level management in a comprehensive suite of integrated products that deliver smooth operations and total peace of mind.

Products for ACI BASE24:
- PROGNOSIS Transaction Surveillance
- PROGNOSIS ATM Transaction Manager
- PROGNOSIS ATM Incident Manager
- PROGNOSIS POS Transaction Manager

PROGNOSIS for IT Infrastructure

Whether you're managing HP NonStop or Windows, UNIX and Linux infrastructure, PROGNOSIS has the solution. PROGNOSIS offers a broad suite of integrated performance monitoring solutions all built on a core architecture.

- Managing HP NonStop - 
For more than 17 years PROGNOSIS has been the product of choice for proactive monitoring, management and optimization of HP NonStop system performance and availability. PROGNOSIS for HP NonStop capabilities ranging from performance monitoring, disk management, availability reporting, monitoring NonStop NetBatch environment, and many more. If 24x7 reliability is crucial, use PROGNOSIS for HP NonStop performance.

- Managing Windows, UNIX and Linux - 
No matter how complex your IT infrastructure is, PROGNOSIS has the integrated suite of products to match all your hardware and application monitoring requirements. An integrated approach to managing complex and diverse IT infrastructure environments is crucial. PROGNOSIS operates seamlessly across Windows, UNIX and Linux, giving you a unified view of your server and application infrastructure.

PROGNOSIS for VoIP and IP Telephony

PROGNOSIS is a specialized telephony management solution that gives you the information you need, in order to ensure the highest possible call quality and reliability.

PROGNOSIS offers intelligent alerting, deep diagnostics and extensive reporting on all aspects of the system that may impact the quality of your IP telephony service.

Providing a single pane of glass across Avaya and Cisco technology (with additional vendor platforms under development), PROGNOSIS readily scales to manage hundreds of IP-PBXs and hundreds of thousands of phones, making it the ideal solution for global enterprises and large managed service providers (MSPs).

PROGNOSIS for Web Application

PROGNOSIS for Web Applications consists of two integrated products that give you simple, powerful insight into your customer's web application experience - constantly monitoring your Web applications, emulating user activity, and measuring browser response through easily tailored web sessions.

 PROGNOSIS Transaction Manager 
PROGNOSIS Transaction Manager is the module specialize developed by Integrated Research for monitoring multiple transactions from ATM POS for different kinf od switch systems.