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Paragon Software

Paragon Software is another best-of-breed application provided by Abhimata Persada, Paragon Software integrates all functions of EFT Simulator on a single system, providing a variety of high class products and services that enable you to do testing and simulation works for ATM, POS or even financial message format such as ISO 8583 format. Paragon Software also covers the capability to do stress and load test ePayment systems to confirm the capacity and automate the ATM configuration and testing.

For your testing needs, Paragon Software able to support unit testing and regression testing. It is 100% centralized configuration and parameterized so the configuration can be changed on the fly in the matter of seconds.

Paragon Software has a modular structures, with the modular structure itself you can save the cost because you can install the modules that you need only. Paragon Software also provides multiple analysis tool for you. Paragon Software support a broad range of scenarios from manipulating supplies, hardware fitness, last transaction data for testing whether at development stage to implementation stage and whole lot more scenarios that users can simulate easily with Paragon Software.

Platform Supporter by Paragon Software are :

  • NCR NDC+ (OS/2 and Windows versions)
  • Diebold 912 (OS/2 and Windows versions)
  • Wincor Nixdorf ProCash/NDC
  • Wincor Nixdorf ProCash/DDC
  • Other NDC/912 emulation packages
  • Base24 Classic Interface on Nonstop Platform
  • Base24 EPS Interface on Open Platform
  • Postillion Interface on Open Platform
  • ON/2 Interface on Stratus Platform

Business Benefits that you can achieve by using Paragon Software :

  • Reduce time to market of new ATM sequences
  • Improves customer service via flexibility to update ATM content frequently
  • Provides an integrated E2E testing environment
  • Eliminates Hardware dependency of manual testing
  • Reduces time and cost by easier tracing of transactions and fault diagnostics
  • Improves documentation and speed of approval process for new services
  • Automatically generates detailed reports
  • Improving Development Productivity

Paragon Software Productline including :


ATMulator Plus

FASTest for HPDH ISO8583

SmartSim for ISO Billers

SmartSim for ISO Billers